Car insurance come in all shapes and sizes and with different premiums. Where should you look out for when you are taking out a car insurance?

Many providers of car insurances offer both a third party liability insurance as a third party liability-extra insurance and an all risk insurance.

Overall, there are three types of car insurances. The first is the third party liability insurance. This legal liability insurance is a legal requirement for any car owner.

Third party insurance has limited coverage. With a third party liability insurance there is cover for damage caused to a third party, its passengers and themselves. But damage to your personal belongings, such as your car, is not governed by this type of car insurance. If a collision is your debt, then the damage from the third party wil be reimbursed through your car insurance, but you own damage not. Even if your car is stolen, you are empty handed.

The second kind of car insurance is the Third party liability-extra or Limited Casco insurance. That offers the same coverage as a third party liability insurance, but also covers damage caused by glass breakage, fire, theft or a collision with animals.

And the All risk insurance. Car insurance with the most comprehensive coverage is the all risk insurance. You can use an all risk insurance to immediately repaire, even if the accident has been caused by your own fault. Only if you are drunk or under the influence of drugs or pills at the time of the accident, the insurer may refuse to pay out.

Saving tip: have you already or your partner have a car? Then it can be interesting that you take out the second car insurance with the same insurance company. Sometimes the damage free years that you have built up for your first car is also valid for the second car.




An accident can happen everytime. It usually ends good, but also living in a rented house is not without a risk.

It is therefore important to be well insured against any damage to your furniture, so you don’t have to deal with enormous cost when the unlikely event that something would happen there.

But what kind of insurance do you really need as a tenant or owner of a property?

Building insurance

This insurance covers damage to the property (building) resulting from fire, water damage, broken glass, lightning and storm.

Contents insurance

In your home there are often for thousands of euros of goods: sound equipment, kitchen appliances, furniture, television, but also clothing and books. You are often not aware of how much property you have built up in recent years.

By burglary, water or fire, you can have a lot of damage. A contents insurance covers the damage to your belongings in the house. There is much difference in level of fees, excess and coverage between the insurance companies.

Therefore do not directly choose the cheapest insurance, but compare the coverage of the various policies.

We recommend you a comprehensive insurance.




Short term travel insurance

You can takeout a short-term travel insurance per trip. The insurance covers only the trip and nothing before or after your holiday.

If you go on a holiday once a year for a week or two, a short-term travel insurance will then be the cheapest option, but this is not certaine. You can normaly take out a short-term travel insurance at the travel agency where you have booked your trip or you can take out the insurance with an insurance broker.

It always pays out the trouble to look at the cost of a travel insurance. A short-term travel insurance booked with your trip can be more expensive than a 12 month travel insurance cover throughout the year.

12 month travel insurance

A 12 month travel insurance you take that out for a whole year and this insurance covers all tours and holidays in that year. Watch closely at the cover period of the insurance. You can choose from 45, 60 and 90 days periods.

So it does matter how long and how often you plan to go away in a year. If you stay away longer than 120 days you have to add this specialy in the travel insurance. You can use a comprehensive travel insurance with most insurers.

Travel insurance coverage

The cover of the travel insurance varies by provider but is broadly to the same thing. The basic coverage contains benefits in case of illness and injury. In addition, you can have all kinds of other issues in this insurance. For example, many people choose to get their luggage to insure against theft and loss. In case of theft you have to declare this with the police to get a police report before you can claim through your insurance.

You can also have additional insurance for medical expenses and accidents. Look carefully if this is necessary. In Europe you’re normally already insured through your regular health insurance.

In addition, there are extra covers, for example, legal aid and winter sports. Determine in advance whether you need them and if you not already have this insured in other policies.

If you are planning to go rock climbing or other risky activities, it is important to check that your travel insurance cover these issues.

An important coverage is still the cancellation insurance. Here you get your travel reimbursed if it is not possible to travel. There are strict rules: there really should be something going on like health issues then a cancellation insurance can give you peace of mind.




Do you need a private health insurance in Spain? Do you have everything of health care organised?

As you probably know, the health care system in Belgium/Netherlands/UK and Spain are totally different. At both the social security system carries the largest medical costs of clinics and doctors. In addition, you can, among other things, take out a private health insurance that pays for the extra ´ s (fees specialists, single rooms, …).

This is the most common situation.

In Spain, however, there are 2 totally separate systems:

The Spanish social health sector: depending on your situation you are entitled or not to this system.

The private health sector: depending on your finances, if you may or not may use the private hospitals (given the cost of treatments are quite expensive).

Although the social health care gives a range of guarantees, there may be a few problems that you do not want to face. Extreme waiting times for examinations and procedures, shortage of rooms, …

That’s why a lot of the foreigners or the Spaniards who can financially pay this take out a private health insurance.

This is absolutely necessary in order to use the services of private clinics and doctors. Through a private insurance and private health care sectors you can immediately consult a specialist, you can usually quickly undergo complex examinations and you will be admitted to the hospital faster if it is needed. You can run the schedule treatments and therapies, by doctors and nurses who speak your own language. You have the right to an individual room with extra bed (for possibly your companion/partner).

Most private doctors and clinics in this region, are simply much more focused on foreign patients. This reflects in their organization, language knowledge, …

You have the choice if and how you want to close an extra insurance, this depends on your situation and status. Maybe you just want a dental insurance or you wish to use private hospitals and doctors where they speaks your language or where there is a translator present at the consultations. Maybe you just want coverage in the event of accidents. For all possible scenarios, there are custom packages.

Private insurance in Spain pay the invoices from the 1st until the last Euro of the private clinics and specialists (or a % of it according to the type of policy that you chooses).

That is why the prices/premiums are from a different order in Spain.

If you opt for a health insurance, please know that as long as you are healthy you can always change from insurance company or coverage.

We work with the largest insurance companies in the field of health insurance, such as: CASER, DKV,…

 life insurance


Who actually needs a life insurance policy?

1. Single man or woman
You are a single man or woman who lives alone in an apartment / house. Do you need a life insurance policy?
You would think no, because who would be the beneficiary of the life insurance policy, but what if you fall victim to an accident and you are in a wheelchair for the rest of your life? Then a life insurance policy combined with accident coverage or permanent disability coverage is the right choice for you. Precisely because you are single, it is important to be insured so that you have enough money available to hire someone who then can take care of you if you are permanently disabled. You are a single man or woman living alone in a house with a mortgage of 150,000 euros. Do you then need a life insurance policy? Yes. The reason why you need a life insurance policy is to possibly protect your parents (or the beneficiary of the place of residence in your will) in the event of death.
Therefore, the bank will oblige you to take out a life insurance policy when taking out the mortgage.

2 . Married man or woman You are a married man or woman who lives with his / her partner in an apartment or house. Do you need a life insurance policy? Yes, if your partner does not work, and you want to foresee that he / she will have no problems if you die. If your partner does work, but if he or she cannot maintain the current lifestyle at all if you die (for example, if the costs of the house cannot be borne alone) then it is wise to take out a life insurance policy. What if you have children and you provide an income on which they depend. Then you probably need a life insurance policy, unless you are rich enough to guarantee them a future in the same way. Discuss your personal situation with us in detail, because a life insurance policy should be part of your financial planning for the future of your family, even if your loved ones are in another country.

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What costs a funeral service in Spain?
A funeral service in Spain costs between €3.000 and €6.000. This includes the funeral service, cremation, coffin, coffin carriers, flowers, funeral cards, mourning ad, credits, follow cars and a tombstone.

How will the insurance pay out in case of death?

You pay a monthly premium and in the event of death, the funeral insurance will pay out. There is no money paid to the families, the insurer works together with various funeral companies and then the funeral company will organise everything regarding the funeral service along with the relatives.

You can choose a repatriation abroad?

If you live in Spain and as a European citizen wants to be buried or cremated in another country then you can arrange to be repatriated. Please note that the cost of your funeral in your country still need to be paid.

Is a funeral insurance really necessary?

We recommend a funeral insurance. Of course you can also put money aside, but often it is difficult to sustain. In many events you need the money for other matters.

By a funeral insurance do you prevent problems in the family about paying your funeral.

Take the worry out regarding the money and let your family focus on a nice farewell!